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A Straighter Smile in Half the Time with Invisalign®

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Straighten Your Teeth Without The Hassle of Metal Braces

A brilliant smile is often the result of impeccably aligned teeth. However, the prospect of dealing with conventional metal braces can be overwhelming, especially for adults leading busy lives. If you find yourself with misaligned teeth and a hectic schedule, Invisalign® is the perfect solution.

At Dr. Abbo Advanced Dentistry, located in North Miami Beach, FL, our committed dentists are dedicated to transforming your smile using the innovative Invisalign orthodontic treatment. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Eli Abbo by calling 305-945-0909.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that can address various dental misalignments and straighten teeth discreetly. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign utilizes a series of custom-made, transparent aligners. These clear aligners fit snugly over your teeth, gently guiding them into their desired positions and granting you a confident smile without the pain of severe crowding or the hassle of metal brackets.

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Benefits of Invisalign System

There are several benefits of Invisalign orthodontic treatment, such as:

  • Eat Without Restrictions: One of the standout benefits of Invisalign is the freedom to indulge in your favorite foods without limitations. Unlike traditional braces, these removable aligners let you enjoy your preferred meals without concerns.
  • Comfort and Aesthetics: Crafted from smooth and comfortable materials, Invisalign aligners prioritize your comfort. Bid farewell to the discomfort caused by metal wires and brackets. 
  • Streamlined Check-Up Routine: Instead of frequent adjustments, you receive a new set of aligners every two weeks, ensuring a gradual and hassle-free shift of your teeth into their desired alignment.

Candidacy for Invisalign

Are you considering Invisalign treatment to achieve a straighter smile? Discover if you’re a suitable candidate for Invisalign by exploring the criteria below:

  • Alignment Issues: Invisalign is effective for correcting various alignment issues, including crowded teeth, gaps, overbites, underbites, and crossbites.
  • Age Consideration: Invisalign is suitable for both teens and adults. If you have concerns about traditional braces affecting your lifestyle, Invisalign might be the ideal solution.
  • Commitment to Treatment: Invisalign requires consistent wear to achieve optimal results. Ensure you’re committed to wearing the aligners as prescribed by your dentist.

Consult with Dr. Abbo to determine if Invisalign is the right treatment option for your dental needs. He’ll evaluate your teeth and jaw to assess if Invisalign is right for you. 

Invisalign Clear Aligners Process

Embark on the journey to a straighter, more confident new smile, with the Invisalign process. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Consultation: Schedule a consultation with our experienced North Miami Beach orthodontic team. We’ll assess your dental condition, discuss your goals, and determine if Invisalign is the right choice for you.
  2. Custom Treatment Plan: If Invisalign is suitable for your needs, we’ll create a personalized treatment plan. Advanced technology allows us to map out the gradual movements of your teeth, ensuring precise and effective results.
  3. Custom Aligners: Based on the treatment plan, custom aligners will be crafted specifically for your teeth. These clear, removable aligners are comfortable and virtually invisible.
  4. Wearing Your Aligners: Wear Invisalign aligners as instructed by your orthodontist. They are easily removable for eating, brushing, and flossing, providing convenience in your daily routine.
  5. Regular Check-ups: Attend regular check-ups so our team can monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the success of your Invisalign treatment.
  6. Completion and Retention: Once you have completed wearing all the clear aligners in the series, your Invisalign treatment is finished. However, to maintain the results, you may wear retainers, usually at night, to prevent teeth from shifting to their original positions.

Caring for Invisalign

Proper care is essential to maintain the effectiveness of this advanced clear aligner system. Follow these tips to ensure the longevity and success of your journey:

  • Cleanliness: Regularly clean your aligners with a soft toothbrush and mild soap. This helps prevent discoloration and maintains clarity.
  • Avoid Staining: Minimize the consumption of dark-colored foods and beverages while wearing your aligners to prevent staining.
  • Storage: When not wearing your aligners, store them in their protective case to prevent damage or loss.
  • Regular Dental Hygiene: Continue your regular dental hygiene routine of brushing and flossing to keep your teeth and gums healthy throughout the treatment.

By following these guidelines, you’ll maximize the benefits of Invisalign, achieving a beautifully aligned smile. If you have questions or concerns, Dr. Abbo is here to support you every step of the way.

Financing Invisalign

Third-Party Financing Options

To further assist patients in affording essential dental procedures, we offer third-party financing options. These companies provide access to loans with lower interest rates and special benefits. Explore these options to find what suits your needs best.


CareCredit® offers a variety of low-interest financing options to cover dental treatment costs. Applying online is quick and easy, and you may qualify for financial assistance regardless of your dental insurance status. Contact our office at (305) 945-0909 for assistance from a staff member.

Dental Insurance Coverage

Many health insurance providers offer coverage for dental treatments, providing an estimate of the cost and the amount they are willing to pay. We recommend contacting your dental insurance provider beforehand to understand your policy and eligibility for benefits. This information allows us to create a payment plan that fits your budget after insurance.

Don’t let financial concerns hold you back from achieving the smile you deserve. Dr. Abbo and our team are dedicated to working with you to find a financing solution that makes quality dental care affordable and accessible. Contact us today to learn more about our financing options and take the first step toward your priceless smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’ve completed the Invisalign tooth movement treatment and your teeth have achieved their optimal alignment, the results are intended to be long-lasting. The longevity of the results depends on several factors, including individual oral hygiene practices, regular dental care, and the use of retainers.

Contrary to common misconceptions, wearing Invisalign trays is generally considered more comfortable than traditional braces. While it’s normal to experience some mild discomfort or pressure during the initial days of wearing a new set of aligners, this sensation typically subsides as your teeth adjust. Invisalign aligners are designed to fit snugly, providing a comfortable method of straightening teeth and correcting crooked teeth.
The duration of Invisalign treatment varies based on individual dental needs and the complexity of the case. On average, Invisalign treatment typically ranges from several months to a few years. Scheduled check-ups with your Invisalign provider allow for necessary adjustments and ensure the treatment progresses according to plan.
Invisalign treatment is not limited by age; it offers a versatile solution for individuals of various age groups. Both teenagers and adults can benefit from the discreet and effective teeth-straightening capabilities of this treatment since Invisalign works well for patients with permanent teeth.

Achieve a Beautiful Smile With Invisalign®

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