Advanced Dentistry in North Miami Beach, FL

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Dr. Abbo and his experienced dental team are proud to provide our patients with advanced technology and a pleasant atmosphere. We work hard to give you a smile you’ll be proud to share with friends and family. At Advanced Dentistry in North Miami Beach, FL, our goal is to create dazzling smiles while supporting your overall health. 

Discover how our practice can change your life below.

Meet Your Dentists


Drs. Eli Abbo, Bill Abbo, and Johanna Gallego are all highly skilled dentists who are passionate about helping their patients’ oral health thrive. Dr. Eli Abbo specializes in periodontics, keeping your gums healthy, Dr. Bill Abbo is a cosmetic and general dentist, and Dr. Gallego is our resident periodontal expert. Together, they’ll use their skills to create a comprehensive treatment plan and help you find your perfect smile.

We’re honored that our North Miami Beach community trusts us with their dental care. Discover how our doctors can find the best solutions for you by scheduling a consultation.

Our Advanced Dentistry Services

Our expert North Miami Beach dental team has over 40 years of combined experience, along with the training and technology to help you achieve your smile goals. No matter how you’re looking to enhance your smile or protect your oral health, we’re here to guide you along the way. 

General Dentistry For Your Whole Family

You and your loved ones deserve high-quality, compassionate dental care. At Dr. Abbo’s office, our dental team wants your family to always feel confident about the care they receive. We’ll get to know your needs, follow your children’s development, and provide accurate and helpful treatment. 

Dr. Abbo recommends scheduling general dentistry appointments for your family members every six months to get the most out of your oral hygiene routine. We’ll clean and examine your mouths before discussing any necessary treatments or concerns you want to address. Contact us to schedule your semiannual appointment at our North Miami Beach dental office.

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State-of-the-Art Dental Implants 

Dental implants are the most trusted method of restoring your smile. Our advanced titanium implant technology will bond directly to your jaw, perfectly replacing missing teeth. This natural process allows you to eat, speak, and smile with extraordinary confidence. You’ll love how reliable dental implants feel while you’re living your busy lifestyle. 

With proper care, your implants can be a lifelong solution to tooth loss. Discover how dental implants can change your life by scheduling a consultation at our North Miami Beach dental office.

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Do your smile goals include restoring missing teeth? Dr. Abbo and our expert dental team are proud to provide our patients with high-quality prosthodontics, also known as teeth and gum restorations. 

Our prosthodontics solutions include:

Discuss your restorative dentistry solutions at Dr. Abbo’s North Miami Beach dentist office.

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Your gums are an integral part of your whole-body health. Fortunately, our dental team prioritizes finding, diagnosing, and treating any gum health issues with periodontics during your semiannual appointment at our North Miami Beach office. 

Signs of gum disease and other periodontal problems can begin subtly. But as the disease progresses, the symptoms can worsen and develop into severe oral health problems, such as gum or tooth loss. Get treated early and avoid future dental pain and expenses with periodontal care at Advanced Dentistry in North Miami Beach.

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Schedule Your North Miami Beach, FL Dentist Appointment

At Dr. Abbo Advanced Dentistry, our experienced dental team can find solutions for your whole family. We’ll provide treatment that achieves your goals, whether you’re looking for restorative, general, or cosmetic dentistry. Plus, we’ll identify and treat any underlying oral health issues during your semiannual general appointment. 

Contact us today at (305) 945-0909 to schedule your consultation with one of our experienced dentists.