Digital X-Rays in North Miami Beach, FL

Eliminate the Risk of Radiation

Ever wonder how your dentist is able to take scans of your teeth? With digital radiology, dental professionals can now take images of your smile while also reducing the amount of radiation used with traditional dental X-rays. By using an electronic sensor to capture and store digital scans of your teeth on a computer, digital X-rays can be manipulated to allow dentists to detect any abnormalities with your teeth earlier compared to other methods.

Dental X-rays are an essential diagnostic tool during a regular check-up, playing a large role in preventative care. By using the information gathered by this technology, dentists and dental hygienists can help create an accurate treatment plan to protect your smile.

What Are Digital X-Rays?

Digital X-rays are a form of radiography where digital sensors are used instead of photographic film, allowing dentists to obtain clear scans of your teeth. Compared to traditional dental X-rays, these digital scans come with an increase in efficiency while also reducing the already low exposure of radiation by 80-90%. Digital X-rays can be used to take an image of your teeth and look for potential health risks or complications.

Our North Miami Beach office uses digital X-rays so that Dr. Abbo can evaluate the health of your teeth through methods that are fast and easier. Learn more about how digital X-rays can enhance your dental experience and improve the quality of your oral health.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

With advancements made in radiography, digital X-rays have proven to be more effective in taking better, high-quality images of your teeth compared to traditional dental scans. As a result, dentists like Dr. Abbo can detect potential issues with your teeth earlier while also creating a treatment plan that’s specialized to your case.

Along with these added benefits, digital X-rays can potentially reveal:

  • Abscesses or cysts
  • Bone loss or deterioration
  • Cancerous and non-cancerous tumors
  • Gum decay between the teeth
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Poor tooth and root positions
  • Problems inside a tooth or below the gum line

Detecting and treating dental issues through preventative and early-intervention treatment may save you time, money, unnecessary discomfort, and the overall health of your smile!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are digital X-rays safe?

Digital X-rays are perfectly safe and offer better results than traditional dental scans — all while producing a significantly lower amount of radiation. Since the digital image is captured electronically, there’s no need to develop the X-rays, thus eliminating the production of harmful waste and chemicals.

Dr. Abbo and our experienced staff will take every precaution to keep our patients safe. If digital X-rays represented a risk, we wouldn’t expose our patients to them. The safety measures we follow include only taking X-rays when necessary and using lead apron shields to protect the body.

How often should dental X-rays be taken?

The need for dental X-rays depends on the individual needs of the patient. Dr. Abbo and our staff will recommend X-rays based on your dental history and factors such as a teeth exam, signs or symptoms, your age, as well as risk of disease.

A full mouth series of dental X-rays is also recommended for new patients, which can last for three to five years. Bite-wing X-rays (scans of top and bottom teeth biting together) are taken at check-up visits and are recommended once or twice a year to detect new dental issues.

Enhance Your Dental Experience

At Dr. Abbo Advanced Dentistry, our office uses digital X-rays in order to enhance your dental experience and provide you with treatment that’s effective and specific to your needs. To learn more about digital scans and schedule an appointment with one of our dentists, call our office at (305) 945-0909 or fill out our contact form.

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