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Protect Your Teeth Against Bacteria & Damage

Cavities aren’t the only reason to get a filling. If your tooth gets cracked, damaged, or worn down over time, a filling can restore its structure and allow it to resume all its normal functions. At Dr. Abbo Advanced Dentistry, our expert team of dentists use composite fillings to heal your tooth from a variety of dental issues, whether it’s due to trauma or decay. The result is a restoration that both looks and feels natural with your smile.

Read below to learn more about the benefits of composite fillings.

What Are Composite Fillings?

A composite filling is used to repair a tooth affected by cracks, trauma, or bacteria. The decayed portion of the tooth is removed and then filled with this resin, which is a combination of hard and plastic-based materials that fit the natural shade of your smile.

There are many types of fillings available for patients — each with their own advantages and disadvantages. During your initial consultation, you and your dentist will discuss which option is best for restoring your teeth. Since composite fillings are tooth colored, they can be matched to the more visible areas of your natural teeth. While composite fillings will need to eventually be replaced, they are very durable and can last up to 12 to 15 years.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

Composite fillings offer patients a variety of benefits that can restore their teeth’s appearance while reversing any form of trauma and decay. Some of these advantages include:

  • Fill chipped or cracked teeth
  • Close space or gaps between teeth
  • Reverse decay and protect from future infections
  • Restore worn out teeth
  • Match your smile’s natural shade

The Composite Fillings Process

Composite fillings can be placed in just one appointment at our North Miami Beach office. Before your procedure begins, your dentist will apply a local anesthetic to ensure that you don’t feel any pain during treatment. While your tooth is numb, your dentist will remove any decay as necessary and thoroughly clean the treated area. If the decay is near the nerve of the tooth, your dentist may apply a special medication for added protection.

Once the tooth is prepped for the filling, your dentist will place, shape, and polish the rensin to restore the structure to its original shape and function. While you may experience sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures when your fillings are first placed, this will usually subside shortly after your tooth acclimates.

Our office will also give you careful instructions on how to care for your filling after treatment. It’s important to maintain good oral hygiene practices and schedule regular biannual dental visits with our office to extend the life of your fillings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do composite fillings last?

A composite filling can last up to 12 to 15 years with proper oral care. This includes brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing daily, rinsing after meals, and scheduling biannual visits with one of our dentists. Replacing your filling is incredibly easy and can be conveniently done in one appointment.

Does getting composite fillings hurt?

The process of getting a composite filling is minimally invasive and completely painless. Before the start of your procedure, your dentist will apply a local anesthetic to the affected area to ensure that you won’t feel a thing. While you may feel slight discomfort for a short time after the procedure, this can simply be treated with over-the-counter pain medication like ibuprofen or a cold compress.

Can I replace my metal fillings with composite ones?

You can replace your metal fillings with composite ones. While silver, or amalgam, fillings were at one point extremely popular in dentistry, many patients today prefer the mercury-free, tooth-colored fillings we offer. Generally, it’s completely safe and simple to replace your metal filling with a composite alternative for better cosmetic and restorative results.

Can I whiten my composite fillings?

Unfortunately, composite fillings cannot be whitened. Since these fillings are made of a stain-resistant material to prevent yellowing or discoloration, this also means that they can’t be brightened either. For whitening your teeth, we recommend our quick, in-office teeth-whitening treatment before receiving a filling to have a brighter smile.

Stop Cavities With Composite Fillings

Fillings aren’t the only reason for getting a composite filling. If your smile suffers from cracked or injured teeth, our dentists at Dr. Abbo Advanced Dentistry can restore their function with composite fillings. Contact our North Miami Beach office today by calling (305) 945-0909 or by filling out an online contact form. Our staff looks forward to protecting your smile!

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